A civil engineer by training, Alexis Massol is the Founding Director of Casa Pueblo in Adjuntas, community organization that proposes and develops plans to protect the environment, affirm cultural and human values, and create sustainable economic alternatives. Massol received the prestigious 2002 Goldman Environmental Prize for his work at Casa Pueblo.

Professors Anderson and Moreno travelled to the town of Adjuntas, a small mountainside municipality on the center of the island, to speak with the Founding Director of Casa PuebloAlexis Massol. Casa Pueblo is one of the oldest and most renowned non-profit organizations in Puerto Rico, a community-based sustainability project committed to the appreciation and protection of natural, cultural, and human resources. In this interview, Massol speaks about the importance of investing in solar energy and how Casa Pueblo was able to help the people of Adjuntas by distributing solar power lamps and placing solar powered mini refrigerators in strategic locations for people to store medications during the months-long blackout caused by Hurricane María.

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