Laura Moscoso is a Puerto Rican journalist. She is a member of the Center for Investigative Journalism (CPI), the organization responsible for preparing the Puerto Rican government to release the death records for Puerto Rico in the period between Sept 17 to date.

In this interview, reporter Laura Moscoso speaks to Professor Moreno about the discrepancy between the death toll figures released by the Puerto Rican government and the actual number of deaths caused by Hurricane María. She also addresses the lawsuit that Centro de Periodismo Investigativo (CPI), the non-profit organization for which she works, filed and won against the Puerto Rican government demanding the release of death certificates in the months after Hurricane María. CPI is currently reviewing the documents in order to reveal the real, but officially unrecognized, impact of the storm. Moscoso also speaks about the importance of supporting grassroots journalism organizations in Puerto Rico.

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